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Rig 2TD - Rated to 3,600 m

Equipment Inventory and Specifications

Depth Capacity (TVD): 3,600 m Rig Loads with Top Drive: 22 Summer / 23 Winter

(Loads may vary with tubular requirements)

Rig footprint

Rig Inventory


Mast Type Telescopic Double Drill Line Size (mm) 28.6
Mast Model ZK 30 Number of Lines 8
Static Hook Load (daN) 158,000    
Mast Clear Height (m) 31    


Substructure Type One piece, step-down Substructure Model DZ 160 4.5
BOP-Sub Clear Height (m) 3.52 Rotary Table Model ZP 175
Ground to Rotary Top Height 4.70 Rotary Table Capacity (daN) 160,000
Setback Capacity (daN) 120,000 Rotary Table Size (mm) 444.5
Racking Capacity (m) * 4,500    

* Racking Capacity is calculated with the indicated size and type of pipe and calculations include 600 m of 101.6 mm HWDP

Drawworks (Mechanical)

Drawworks Model JC30 Drawworks Drive Cummins QSX15
Single Line Pull (daN) 21,000 Drive Rating (kW) 470
Rated Power (kW) 570 Auxiliary Brake 324 Eaton
Transmission Model Allison S6610H    

Overhead Equipment

Block/Hook Model YG 160 Block Capacity (daN) 158,000

Mudpumps (2) **

Model RG 1000 Mudpump Drive Cummins QSK23
Rated Power (kW) 745 Pumpdrive rating (kW) 783
Stroke Length (mm) 254    

** 34,000 kpA High pressure circulating system

Mud System

Total Volume (m3) 100 # of Mudtanks 2
Active Volume (m3) 92 # of Compartments 7 Useable
Trip Tank Volume (m3) 6.4 Pill Tank Volume (m3) 7.1
Agitators Power (qty) 4 x 7.5 kW Centrifugal Pump Size (mm) 127 x 152 x 279
Centrifugal Pump Quantity 2 x 37.3 kW Degasser Size (mm) 762
Shale Shaker Swaco Mongoose (x2)    


Accumulator Manufacture RG Petro Operating Pressure & Size 21,000
Accumulator Volume (l) 320 # of Stations 5


Annular HEC Spherical Pressure Rating and Size 21,000 kpA, 279 mm
Ram #1 Shafco NRS Single Pressure Rating and Size 21,000 kpA, 279 mm
Ram #2 Shafco NRS Single Pressure Rating and Size 21,000 kpA, 279 mm

Choke Manifold (NACE)

Type Single Gut Pressure Rating and Size 21,000 kpA
Size (mm) 76    

Generator Sets (2)

Manufacture Stamford Engine Manufacture Cummins
Generator Model (qty) 2 Engine Model QSX-15
Rating (kW) 500 (each)    

Miscellaneous Equipment

Fuel Tank Capacity (m3) 18 Pipetubs Hydraulic/Convention
# of Fuel Tanks 1 Catwalk Hydraulic Laydown
Water Tank Capacity (m3) 65    
# of Water Tanks 1    


Drill Pipe (101.6 mm) 3200 m Drill Collars (159 mm) 115 m
Drill Pipe Type X-95 Drill Collars (203 mm) 18 m
Drill Pipe Weight 23.4 kg/m HWDP (101.6 mm) IH Rental 600 m


Boiler Manufacture Williams & Davis Boiler Rating (kW) 93
Fuel Tank Capacity 6 m3 Water Tank Capacity 20 m3

Top Drive

Manufacture Tesco Model HMI 250 Ton
Topdrive Capacity (daN) 225,000 Rated Input Power 475 HP
Max Drill Torque 21,000 ft/lbs Makeup Torque 21,000 ft/lbs
Breakout Torque 23,500 ft/lbs Max Speed 170 rpm

Inventory is subject to change without notice


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